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modern timesundef
more moderateundef
most moderateundef
be moderate (in)undef
more modernundef
most modernundef
secondary modern schoolundef
I'm unable to appreciate modern music.undef
e Moderationnoun modera'tsioːn
  1. pluralForm:
  2. Moderationen
  1. genitiveForm:
  2. Moderation
r Moderatornoun mode'raːtoːɐ
  1. pluralForm:
  2. Moderatoren
  1. genitiveForm:
  2. Moderators
  1. tv telco
Modernnoun mo'dɛɐn
modernadj mo'dɛɐn
modernadj mo'dɛɐn
modernisierenv trans v modɛɐni'ziːrən
e Modernisierungnoun modɛɐni'ziːrʊŋ
  1. pluralForm:
  2. Modernisierungen
  1. genitiveForm:
  2. Modernisierung
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