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at sightexp USA: æ't saɪ't UK: ət saɪt
bill at sightexp USA: bɪ'l æ't saɪ't UK: bɪl ət saɪt
draft at sightnoun USA: dræ'ft æ't saɪ't UK: drɑft ət saɪt
first / love at - sightexp USA: fəː'st lʌ'v æ't saɪ't UK: fəːst lʌv ət saɪt
love at first sightexp USA: lʌ'v æ't fəː'st saɪ't UK: lʌv ət fəːst saɪt
sight / love at first -exp USA: saɪ't lʌ'v æ't fəː'st UK: saɪt lʌv ət fəːst
at first sightexp USA: æ't fəː'st saɪ't UK: ət fəːst saɪt
at the sight ofexp USA: æ't ðiː· saɪ't ʌ·v UK: ət ðiː saɪt ɔv
at sightundef
draft (payable) at sightundef
at first sightundef
I melted at the sight.undef
My stomach turns at this sight.undef
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