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backwardnessnoun USA: bæ'kwəː·dnʌ·s UK: bækwədnəs
backwardsadv USA: bæ'kwəː·dz UK: bækwədz
backwards and forwardsexp USA: bæ'kwəː·dz ʌ·nd fɔː'rwəː·dz UK: bækwədz ənd fɔːwədz
goer backwardexp USA: goʊ'əː· bæ'kwəː·d UK: goʊə bækwəd
forward and backwardadv USA: fɔː'rwəː·d ʌ·nd bæ'kwəː·d UK: fɔːwəd ənd bækwəd
bend over backwardsv USA: be'nd oʊ'vəː· bæ'kwəː·dz UK: bend oʊvər bækwədz
lean over backwardsexp USA: liː'n oʊ'vəː· bæ'kwəː·dz UK: liːn oʊvər bækwədz
backward readingundef
I nearly fell over backwards.undef
You've got your sweater on backwards.undef
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