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be down onexp USA: biː· daʊ'n ɔ'n UK: biː daʊn ɔn
be down on one's uppersadj USA: biː· daʊ'n ɔ'n wʌ'nz ʌ'pəː·z UK: biː daʊn ɔn wʌnz ʌpəz
be down on syv USA: biː· daʊ'n ɔ'n saɪ'
run / be - downexp USA: rʌ'n biː· daʊ'n UK: rʌn biː daʊn
bed downv trans v USA: be'd daʊ'n UK: bed daʊn
bend downv intrans v USA: be'nd daʊ'n UK: bend daʊn
down belowexp USA: daʊ'n biː·loʊ' UK: daʊn bɪloʊ
beat downv trans v USA: biː't daʊ'n UK: biːt daʊn
bear downv trans v USA: be'r daʊ'n UK: beər daʊn
fall down beforeexp USA: fɔ'l daʊ'n biː"fɔː'r UK: fɔːl daʊn bɪfɔːr
bed of downexp USA: be'd ʌ·v daʊ'n UK: bed ɔv daʊn
bear down onv USA: be'r daʊ'n ɔ'n UK: beər daʊn ɔn
put one's best foot downv USA: pʊ't wʌ'nz be'st fʊ't daʊ'n UK: pʊt wʌnz best fʊt daʊn
be run downv USA: biː· rʌ'n daʊ'n UK: biː rʌn daʊn
be knocked down by sgv
fall down before syv USA: fɔ'l daʊ'n biː"fɔː'r saɪ'
beat sy's ear downv
beat down the priceexp USA: biː't daʊ'n ðiː· praɪ's UK: biːt daʊn ðiː praɪs
bear down upv USA: be'r daʊ'n ʌ'p UK: beər daʊn ʌp
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