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finishedadj USA: fɪ'nɪ·ʃt UK: fɪnɪʃt
finished goodsexp USA: fɪ'nɪ·ʃt gʊ'dz UK: fɪnɪʃt gʊdz
finished productnoun USA: fɪ'nɪ·ʃt prɔ'dʌ·kt UK: fɪnɪʃt prɔdʌkt
i've finished with you!exp
have you finished it?exp USA: hæ'v yuː' fɪ'nɪ·ʃt ʌ·t UK: hæv juː fɪnɪʃt ɪt
finished productundef
finished productsundef
He finished up the bread.undef
I've finished with you.undef
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