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in armsexp USA: ɪ'n ɔ'rmz UK: ɪn ɑmz
child in armsexp USA: tʃaɪ'ld ɪ'n ɔ'rmz UK: tʃaɪld ɪn ɑmz
be up in armsexp USA: biː· ʌ'p ɪ'n ɔ'rmz UK: biː ʌp ɪn ɑmz
lock in one's armsv USA: lɔ'k ɪ'n wʌ'nz ɔ'rmz UK: lɔk ɪn wʌnz ɑmz
enfold in one's armsexp USA: e·nfoʊ'ld ɪ'n wʌ'nz ɔ'rmz UK: ɪnfoʊld ɪn wʌnz ɑmz
enfold sy in one's armsv USA: e·nfoʊ'ld saɪ' ɪ'n wʌ'nz ɔ'rmz
comrade in armsundef
be up in arms againstundef
arms inspectionundef
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