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instructionnoun USA: ɪ"nstrʌ'kʃʌ·n UK: ɪnstrʌkʃn
instructionsnoun USA: ɪ"nstrʌ'kʃʌ·nz UK: ɪnstrʌkʃnz
instructionsexp USA: ɪ"nstrʌ'kʃʌ·nz UK: ɪnstrʌkʃnz
instruction sheetexp USA: ɪ"nstrʌ'kʃʌ·n ʃiː't UK: ɪnstrʌkʃn ʃiːt
instructions to tenderersexp UK: ɪnstrʌkʃnz tuː tendərəz
instructions to tenderersexp UK: ɪnstrʌkʃnz tuː tendərəz
logic instructionexp USA: lɔ'ʤɪ·k ɪ"nstrʌ'kʃʌ·n UK: lɔʤɪk ɪnstrʌkʃn
musketry instructionnoun UK: mʌskɪtriː ɪnstrʌkʃn
musketry instructionexp UK: mʌskɪtriː ɪnstrʌkʃn
sex instructionexp USA: se'ks ɪ"nstrʌ'kʃʌ·n UK: seks ɪnstrʌkʃn
forwarding instructionsnoun USA: fɔː'rwəː·dɪ·ŋ ɪ"nstrʌ'kʃʌ·nz UK: fɔːwədɪŋ ɪnstrʌkʃnz
book of instructionexp USA: bʊ'k ʌ·v ɪ"nstrʌ'kʃʌ·n UK: bʊk ɔv ɪnstrʌkʃn
instructional filmundef
instruction counterundef
instruction in a languageundef
instruction leafletundef
instruction manualundef
instruction repertoireundef
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