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renewv intrans v USA: rʌ·nuː' UK: rɪnjuː
renewv trans v USA: rʌ·nuː' UK: rɪnjuː
renewableadj USA: riː·nuː'ʌ·bʌ·l UK: rɪnjuːəbl
renewalnoun USA: rʌ·nuː'ʌ·l UK: rɪnjuːəl
renewal billnoun USA: rʌ·nuː'ʌ·l bɪ'l UK: rɪnjuːəl bɪl
renewal of a billexp USA: rʌ·nuː'ʌ·l ʌ·v eɪ' bɪ'l UK: rɪnjuːəl ɔv eɪ bɪl
renewal of acquaintanceexp USA: rʌ·nuː'ʌ·l ʌ·v ʌ·kweɪ'ntʌ·ns UK: rɪnjuːəl ɔv əkweɪntəns
renewalsnoun USA: rʌ·nuː'ʌ·lz UK: rɪnjuːəlz
renewal sundayexp USA: rʌ·nuː'ʌ·l sʌ'ndiː" UK: rɪnjuːəl sʌndɪ
renewedadj USA: riː·nuː'd UK: rɪnjuːd
renewernoun UK: rɪnjuːər
be renewedexp USA: biː· riː·nuː'd UK: biː rɪnjuːd
renewal of a loan
renewal of subscription
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