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Request for "halkan"

Created by: Anonymous, 2013/01/06 - 19:46
Last modified at: 2013/01/06 - 19:46
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    halkan hsz
    with bated breath kif wʌ·ð beɪ'tʌ·d bre'θ wɪð beɪtɪd breθ
    under one's breath hsz ʌ'ndəː· wʌ'nz bre'θ ʌndər wʌnz breθ
    fuck hsz
    stilly mn stɪliː
    sotto-voce hsz
    sotto voce hsz sɔtoʊ voʊsiː
    soft hsz sɔ'ft sɔft
    quietly hsz kwaɪ'ʌ·tliː· kwaɪətliː
    piano fn piː·æ'nʌ· pjɑnoʊ
    low hsz loʊ' loʊ
    inaudibly hsz ɪnɔːdəbliː
    in undertones hsz ɪ'n ʌ'ndəː·toʊ"nz ɪn ʌndətoʊnz
    below one's breath hsz biː·loʊ' wʌ'nz bre'θ bɪloʊ wʌnz breθ

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