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goodby1 USA: gʊ'dbaɪ"
good-by12 USA: gʊ'dbaɪ"
goodby!12 USA: gʊ'dbaɪ"
goodby12 USA: gʊ'dbaɪ"
goodby!13 USA: gʊ'dbaɪ"
goodby for the present!1 USA: gʊ'dbaɪ" frəː· ðiː· pəː·ze'nt
goodbye1 USA: gʊ"dbaɪ' UK: gʊdbaɪ
goodbye!12 USA: gʊ"dbaɪ' UK: gʊdbaɪ
goodbye12 USA: gʊ"dbaɪ' UK: gʊdbaɪ
goodbye!13 USA: gʊ"dbaɪ' UK: gʊdbaɪ
good-bye3 USA: gʊ"dbaɪ' UK: gʊdbaɪ
goodbye for the present!1 USA: gʊ"dbaɪ' frəː· ðiː· pəː·ze'nt UK: gʊdbaɪ fəː ðiː prɪzent
good-bye party13 USA: gʊ"dbaɪ' pɔ'rtiː· UK: gʊdbaɪ pɑtiː
goodbye / say -2 USA: gʊ"dbaɪ' seɪ' UK: gʊdbaɪ seɪ
goodbye till friday13 USA: gʊ"dbaɪ' tɪ'l fraɪ'deɪ" UK: gʊdbaɪ tɪl fraɪdɪ
goodbye till monday13 USA: gʊ"dbaɪ' tɪ'l mʌ'ndeɪ" UK: gʊdbaɪ tɪl mʌndɪ
goodbye till next friday13 USA: gʊ"dbaɪ' tɪ'l ne'ks fraɪ'deɪ" UK: gʊdbaɪ tɪl nekst fraɪdɪ
goodbye till next monday13 USA: gʊ"dbaɪ' tɪ'l ne'ks mʌ'ndeɪ" UK: gʊdbaɪ tɪl nekst mʌndɪ
goodbye till next saturday13 USA: gʊ"dbaɪ' tɪ'l ne'ks sæ'tɪ"deɪ" UK: gʊdbaɪ tɪl nekst sætədɪ
goodbye till next sunday13 USA: gʊ"dbaɪ' tɪ'l ne'ks sʌ'ndiː" UK: gʊdbaɪ tɪl nekst sʌndɪ
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