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loadedadj USA: loʊ'dʌ·d UK: loʊdɪd
loaded caneexp USA: loʊ'dʌ·d keɪ'n UK: loʊdɪd keɪn
loaded diceexp USA: loʊ'dʌ·d daɪ's UK: loʊdɪd daɪs
loadingnoun USA: loʊ'dɪ·ŋ UK: loʊdɪŋ
loadingnoun USA: loʊ'dɪ·ŋ UK: loʊdɪŋ
loadingadj USA: loʊ'dɪ·ŋ UK: loʊdɪŋ
loading beltnoun USA: loʊ'dɪ·ŋ be'lt UK: loʊdɪŋ belt
loading berthexp USA: loʊ'dɪ·ŋ bəː'θ UK: loʊdɪŋ bəːθ
loading gear assyexp
loadsv USA: loʊ'dz UK: loʊdz
loadstarnoun UK: loʊdstɑr
loadstonenoun UK: loʊdstoʊn
loaf aboutv USA: loʊ'f ʌ·baʊ't UK: loʊf əbaʊt
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