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ben1 USA: be'n UK: ben
ben1 USA: be'n UK: ben
bench2 2.2 USA: be'ntʃ UK: bentʃ
bench lathe13 USA: be'ntʃ leɪ'ð UK: bentʃ leɪð
bench warmer1 USA: be'ntʃ wɔː'rməː· UK: bentʃ wɔːmər
bench-mark1 USA: be'ntʃmɔ"rk UK: bentʃmɑk
benchmark against....2 USA: be'ntʃmɔ"rk ʌ·ge'nst UK: bentʃmɑk əgenst
bend1 USA: be'nd UK: bend
bend2 2.1 USA: be'nd UK: bend
bend, bent, bent2 USA: be'nd be'nt be'nt UK: bend bent bent
bend double13 USA: be'nd dʌ'bʌ·l UK: bend dʌbl
bend down2 2.1 USA: be'nd daʊ'n UK: bend daʊn
bend every effort13 USA: be'nd e'vriː· e'fəː·t UK: bend evriː efət
bend forward2 2.1 USA: be'nd fɔː'rwəː·d UK: bend fɔːwəd
bend one's steps homeward2 USA: be'nd wʌ'nz ste'ps hoʊ'mwəː·d UK: bend wʌnz steps hoʊmwəd
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