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caughtv USA: kɔ't UK: kɔːt
caughtadj USA: kɔ't UK: kɔːt
caught /get sth - in the doorexp
catch, caughtv USA: kæ'tʃ kɔ't UK: kætʃ kɔːt
catch , caught , caughtexp USA: kæ'tʃ kɔ't kɔ't UK: kætʃ kɔːt kɔːt
i caught his eyeexp USA: aɪ' kɔ't hʌ·z aɪ' UK: aɪ kɔːt hɪz aɪ
get sth caught in the doorexp
caught a coldundef
are caughtundef
be caughtundef
being caughtundef
get caughtundef
getting caughtundef
got caughtundef
is caughtundef
was caughtundef
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