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checking accountnoun USA: tʃe'kɪ·ŋ ʌ·kaʊ'nt UK: tʃekɪŋ əkaʊnt
checking inexp USA: tʃe'kɪ·ŋ ɪ'n UK: tʃekɪŋ ɪn
quality checkingexp USA: kwɔ'lʌ·tiː· tʃe'kɪ·ŋ UK: kwɔlɪtiː tʃekɪŋ
security checkingexp USA: sɪ·kyʊ'rʌ·tiː· tʃe'kɪ·ŋ UK: sɪkjʊərɪtiː tʃekɪŋ
checking facilityundef
ozone checkingundef
weather checkingundef
error checking and correctionundef
error checking characterundef
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