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in consequence of sgexp
as a consequenceexp USA: e'z eɪ' kɔ'nsʌ·kwʌ·ns UK: əz eɪ kɔnsɪkwəns
of great consequenceexp USA: ʌ·v greɪ't kɔ'nsʌ·kwʌ·ns UK: ɔv greɪt kɔnsɪkwəns
of no consequenceexp USA: ʌ·v noʊ' kɔ'nsʌ·kwʌ·ns UK: ɔv noʊ kɔnsɪkwəns
pregnant with consequencesexp USA: pre'gnʌ·nt wʌ·ð kɔ'nsʌ·kwe"nsʌ·z UK: pregnənt wɪð kɔnsɪkwənsɪz
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