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correction fluidnoun USA: kəː·e'kʃʌ·n fluː'ʌ·d UK: kərekʃn fluːɪd
correction paperexp USA: kəː·e'kʃʌ·n peɪ'pəː· UK: kərekʃn peɪpər
course correctionexp USA: kɔː'rs kəː·e'kʃʌ·n UK: kɔːs kərekʃn
speech correctionnoun USA: spiː'tʃ kəː·e'kʃʌ·n UK: spiːtʃ kərekʃn
amount correctionundef
course correctionundef
steering correctionundef
error correction deviceundef
automatic error correctionundef
means of correctionundef
error checking and correctionundef
error detection and correctionundef
maison de correctionnoun
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