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crazyadj USA: kreɪ'ziː· UK: kreɪziː
crazy / drive sb -exp
crazy / -ier / -iestexp
be crazy aboutexp USA: biː· kreɪ'ziː· ʌ·baʊ't UK: biː kreɪziː əbaʊt
be crazy about syv USA: biː· kreɪ'ziː· ʌ·baʊ't saɪ'
drive sb crazyexp
drive sy crazyv USA: draɪ'v saɪ' kreɪ'ziː·
send sy crazyv USA: se'nd saɪ' kreɪ'ziː·
crazy businessundef
crazy ideaundef
crazy ideasundef
She's crazy about television.undef
drive someone crazyundef
She drove me crazy.undef
They went wild (crazy).undef
What's the big idea? Are you crazy?undef
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