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eSYM USA: iː' UK: iː
eageradj USA: iː'gəː· UK: iːgər
eager beavernoun USA: iː'gəː· biː'vəː· UK: iːgər biːvər
eagerlyadv USA: iː'gəː·liː· UK: iːgəliː
eagernessnoun USA: iː'gəː·nʌ·s UK: iːgənəs
eaglenoun USA: iː'gʌ·l UK: iːgl
  1. zool
eagletnoun UK: iːglɪt
earv intrans v USA: iː'r UK: ɪər
earv trans v USA: iː'r UK: ɪər
    1. To go in one ear and out the other.
        1. Egyik fülén be, a másikon ki.
ear-achenoun UK: ɪəreɪk
earachenoun UK: ɪəreɪk
ear-dropnoun UK: ɪədrɔp
ear-drumnoun UK: ɪədrʌm
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