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glovesnoun USA: glʌ'vz UK: glʌvz
glove(s)noun USA: glʌ'vz UK: glʌvz
castor glovesexp USA: kæ'stəː· glʌ'vz UK: kɑstər glʌvz
friction glovesnoun noun USA: frɪ'kʃʌ·n glʌ'vz UK: frɪkʃn glʌvz
oven glovesnoun USA: ʌ'vʌ·n glʌ'vz UK: ʌvn glʌvz
suede glovesundef
velvet glovesundef
He took the gloves.undef
A cat in gloves catches no mice.undef
You must handle him with kid gloves.undef
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