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go off at a tangentexp USA: goʊ' ɔː'f æ't eɪ' tæ'nʤʌ·nt UK: goʊ ɔf ət eɪ tænʤənt
go off in a swoonv USA: goʊ' ɔː'f ɪ'n eɪ' swuː'n UK: goʊ ɔf ɪn eɪ swuːn
go off one's headv USA: goʊ' ɔː'f wʌ'nz he'd UK: goʊ ɔf wʌnz hed
go off the airv USA: goʊ' ɔː'f ðiː· e'r UK: goʊ ɔf ðiː eər
go off the deep endexp USA: goʊ' ɔː'f ðiː· diː'p e'nd UK: goʊ ɔf ðiː diːp end
go off the handlev USA: goʊ' ɔː'f ðiː· hæ'ndʌ·l UK: goʊ ɔf ðiː hændl
go off tov USA: goʊ' ɔː'f tʌ· UK: goʊ ɔf tuː
go off with syv USA: goʊ' ɔː'f wʌ·ð saɪ'
he got off cheaplyexp USA: hiː' gɔ't ɔː'f tʃiː'pliː· UK: hiː gɔt ɔf tʃiːpliː
he got off cheapexp USA: hiː' gɔ't ɔː'f tʃiː'p UK: hiː gɔt ɔf tʃiːp
he got off lightexp USA: hiː' gɔ't ɔː'f laɪ't UK: hiː gɔt ɔf laɪt
he got off lightlyexp USA: hiː' gɔ't ɔː'f laɪ'tliː· UK: hiː gɔt ɔf laɪtliː
off we goexp USA: ɔː'f wiː' goʊ' UK: ɔf wiː goʊ
off we go!exp USA: ɔː'f wiː' goʊ' UK: ɔf wiː goʊ
go offundef
go off a drugundef
go off without a hitchundef
That'll go off all right.undef
at the first go (-off)undef
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