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helpv intrans v USA: he'lp UK: help
help / can't - doing sthexp
help downv trans v USA: he'lp daʊ'n UK: help daʊn
helpernoun USA: he'lpəː· UK: helpər
helpfuladj USA: he'lpfʌ·l UK: helpfəl
help / i can do with your -exp USA: he'lp aɪ' kʌ·n duː' wʌ·ð yʊ'r UK: help aɪ kæn duː wɪð jɔːr
help inv trans v USA: he'lp ɪ'n UK: help ɪn
helpingnoun USA: he'lpɪ·ŋ UK: helpɪŋ
helping verbnoun USA: he'lpɪ·ŋ vəː'b UK: helpɪŋ vəːb
helplesslyadv USA: he'lplʌ·sliː· UK: helpləsliː
helplesslyadv USA: he'lplʌ·sliː· UK: helpləsliː
helplessnessnoun USA: he'lplʌ·snʌ·s UK: helpləsnəs
helpmatenoun UK: helpmeɪt
helpmeetnoun UK: helpmiːt
help outv trans v USA: he'lp aʊ't UK: help aʊt
help screenexp USA: he'lp skriː'n UK: help skriːn
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