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highnoun USA: haɪ' UK: haɪ
  1. informal
  2. meteo
    1. The higher standing the lower fall.
        1. Aki magasra hág, nagyot esik.
    2. The higher you climb, the harder you fall.
        1. Aki magasra hág, nagyot esik.
highadv USA: haɪ' UK: haɪ
high actionexp USA: haɪ' æ'kʃʌ·n UK: haɪ ækʃn
high altarexp USA: haɪ' ɔː'ltəː· UK: haɪ ɔːltər
high and dryexp USA: haɪ' ʌ·nd draɪ' UK: haɪ ənd draɪ
high and lowexp USA: haɪ' ʌ·nd loʊ' UK: haɪ ənd loʊ
high and mightyexp USA: haɪ' ʌ·nd maɪ'tiː· UK: haɪ ənd maɪtiː
high areaexp USA: haɪ' e'riː·ʌ· UK: haɪ eərɪə
high barnoun USA: haɪ' bɔ'r UK: haɪ bɑr
high baritoneexp USA: haɪ' be'rʌ·toʊ"n UK: haɪ bærɪtoʊn
high barytoneexp UK: haɪ bærɪtoʊn
high beamexp USA: haɪ' biː'm UK: haɪ biːm
high blood pressureexp USA: haɪ' blʌ'd pre'ʃəː· UK: haɪ blʌd preʃər
high bootsexp USA: haɪ' buː'ts UK: haɪ buːts
high butterexp USA: haɪ' bʌ'təː· UK: haɪ bʌtər
high cardsexp USA: haɪ' kɔ'rdz UK: haɪ kɑdz
high cheek-bonesexp USA: haɪ' tʃiː'kboʊ"nz UK: haɪ tʃiːkboʊnz
high colorexp USA: haɪ' kɔː'ləː· UK: haɪ kɔlər
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