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inventorynoun USA: ɪ"nvʌ·ntɔː'riː· UK: ɪnvəntriː
inventoryv trans v USA: ɪ"nvʌ·ntɔː'riː· UK: ɪnvəntriː
draw up an inventoryexp USA: drɔː' ʌ'p ʌ·n ɪ"nvʌ·ntɔː'riː· UK: drɔː ʌp ən ɪnvəntriː
inventory accountundef
inventory control systemundef
inventory evidenceundef
inventory listingundef
active inventoryundef
ABC inventory control systemundef
annual inventory countundef
average inventory on handundef
account inventory tapeundef
administration of inventoryundef
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