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more / any -3 USA: mɔː'r e'niː· UK: mɔːr eniː
any more13 USA: e'niː· mɔː'r UK: eniː mɔːr
not any more13 USA: nɔ't e'niː· mɔː'r UK: nɔt eniː mɔːr
is there any more?13 USA: ʌ·z ðe'r e'niː· mɔː'r UK: ɪz ðeər eniː mɔːr
will you have any more tea?13 USA: wʌ·l yuː' hæ'v e'niː· mɔː'r tiː' UK: wɪl juː hæv eniː mɔːr tiː
He isn't here any more.
I don't care any more.
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