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my allexp USA: maɪ' ɔː'l UK: maɪ ɔːl
i will do my allexp USA: aɪ' wʌ·l duː' maɪ' ɔː'l UK: aɪ wɪl duː maɪ ɔːl
in all my born daysexp USA: ɪ'n ɔː'l maɪ' bɔː'rn deɪ'z UK: ɪn ɔːl maɪ bɔːn deɪz
all my eye (and betty martin)exp USA: ɔː'l maɪ' aɪ' ʌ·nd be'tiː· mɔ'rtʌ·n UK: ɔːl maɪ aɪ ənd betiː mɑtɪn
That's (right) down (up) my alley.undef
I put all my eggs in one basket.undef
That's all part of my job.undef
That's all my eye and Betty Martin.undef
with all my heartundef
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