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parting1 USA: pɔ'rtɪ·ŋ UK: pɑtɪŋ
parting of the ways13 USA: pɔ'rtɪ·ŋ ʌ·v ðiː· weɪ'z UK: pɑtɪŋ ɔv ðiː weɪz
a parting kiss13 USA: eɪ' pɔ'rtɪ·ŋ kɪ's UK: eɪ pɑtɪŋ kɪs
speed the parting guest13 USA: spiː'd ðiː· pɔ'rtɪ·ŋ ge'st UK: spiːd ðiː pɑtɪŋ gest
parting kiss
parting line
parting-off and recessing tool
parting-off grinder
mould parting line
mold parting line [Am.]
made a parting
make a parting
makes a parting
making a parting
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