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sick personundef
single personundef
solitary personundef
sound a personundef
personal goal statementsundef
compensation for personal sufferingundef
take personal charge (direct control) of somethingundef
tell a person liesundef
test personundef
the person pulling the leversundef
told a person liesundef
told a person talesundef
personal touchundef
unaccompanied personundef
e Personnoun pɛɐ'zoːn
  1. pluralForm:
  2. Personen
  1. genitiveForm:
  2. Person
    1. gen
    2. létszámban
  1. theatre
ich für meine Personexp
ich für meine Personadv
Personalnoun pɛɐzo'naːl
r Personalabbaunoun
e Personalabteilungnoun
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