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petitionv intrans v USA: pʌ·tɪ'ʃʌ·n UK: pɪtɪʃn
petitionaryadj UK: pɪtɪʃənəriː
petition campaignexp USA: pʌ·tɪ'ʃʌ·n kæ·mpeɪ'n UK: pɪtɪʃn kæmpeɪn
petitionernoun USA: pʌ·tɪ'ʃʌ·nəː· UK: pɪtɪʃnər
petition for a divorceexp USA: pʌ·tɪ'ʃʌ·n frəː· eɪ' dɪ·vɔː'rs UK: pɪtɪʃn fəː eɪ dɪvɔːs
petition for a reprieveexp USA: pʌ·tɪ'ʃʌ·n frəː· eɪ' riː·priː'v UK: pɪtɪʃn fəː eɪ rɪpriːv
petition in bankruptcyexp USA: pʌ·tɪ'ʃʌ·n ɪ'n bæ'ŋkrʌ·psiː· UK: pɪtɪʃn ɪn bæŋkrəpsiː
petition the court for sgv
present a petition to syv USA: pəː·ze'nt eɪ' pʌ·tɪ'ʃʌ·n tʌ· saɪ'
petition for divorceundef
petition for mercyundef
petition for releaseundef
petition in bankruptyundef
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