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put downv intrans v USA: pʊ't daʊ'n UK: pʊt daʊn
put down forexp USA: pʊ't daʊ'n frəː· UK: pʊt daʊn fəː
put down in writingexp USA: pʊ't daʊ'n ɪ'n raɪ'tɪ·ŋ UK: pʊt daʊn ɪn raɪtɪŋ
put down my addressexp USA: pʊ't daʊ'n maɪ' ʌ·dre's UK: pʊt daʊn maɪ ədres
put down one's namev USA: pʊ't daʊ'n wʌ'nz neɪ'm UK: pʊt daʊn wʌnz neɪm
put down one's name for sgv
put down on paperexp USA: pʊ't daʊ'n ɔ'n peɪ'pəː· UK: pʊt daʊn ɔn peɪpər
put down toexp USA: pʊ't daʊ'n tʌ· UK: pʊt daʊn tuː
put one's best foot downv USA: pʊ't wʌ'nz be'st fʊ't daʊ'n UK: pʊt wʌnz best fʊt daʊn
put it downexp USA: pʊ't ʌ·t daʊ'n UK: pʊt ɪt daʊn
put sth down to sthexp
put down
The accident has been put down to carelessness.
put one's name down (for)
putting down
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