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registry courtexp USA: re'ʤʌ·striː· kɔː'rt UK: reʤɪstriː kɔːt
registry officeexp USA: re'ʤʌ·striː· ɔː'fʌ·s UK: reʤɪstriː ɔfɪs
registry sheetexp USA: re'ʤʌ·striː· ʃiː't UK: reʤɪstriː ʃiːt
port of registryexp USA: pɔː'rt ʌ·v re'ʤʌ·striː· UK: pɔːt ɔv reʤɪstriː
registry officeundef
land registryundef
Central Consultancy Registry - Központi Tanácsadói Nyilvántartás (EU)exp
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