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grain of sand
grains of sand
rope of sand
wind borne sand
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (gs)
r Sandnoun 'zant
  1. pluralForm:
  2. Sande
  1. genitiveForm:
  2. Sands
  3. Sandes
  1. old
e Sandalenoun zan'daːlə
  1. pluralForm:
  2. Sandalen
  1. genitiveForm:
  2. Sandale
e Sandbanknoun
  1. genitiveForm:
  2. Sandbank
sandigadj 'zandɪç
r Sandkastennoun
s Sandkornnoun
r Sandsacknoun
r Sandsteinnoun
r Sandsturmnoun
sandtev 'zantə
e Sanduhrnoun
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