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mixed schoolexp USA: mɪ'kst skuː'l UK: mɪkst skuːl
night schoolnoun USA: naɪ't skuː'l UK: naɪt skuːl
nursery schoolnoun USA: nəː'səː·iː· skuː'l UK: nəːsəriː skuːl
open-air schoolnoun
play schoolnoun USA: pleɪ' skuː'l UK: pleɪ skuːl
preparatory schoolnoun USA: pre·pe'rʌ·tɔː"riː· skuː'l UK: prɪpærətriː skuːl
prep schoolnoun USA: pre'p skuː'l UK: prep skuːl
prep schoolexp USA: pre'p skuː'l UK: prep skuːl
primary schoolexp USA: praɪ'me"riː· skuː'l UK: praɪməriː skuːl
public schoolexp USA: pʌ'blɪ·k skuː'l UK: pʌblɪk skuːl
ragged schoolexp USA: ræ'gʌ·d skuː'l UK: rægɪd skuːl
secondary schoolexp USA: se'kʌ·nde"riː· skuː'l UK: sekəndriː skuːl
staff / school -exp USA: stæ'f skuː'l UK: stɑf skuːl
summer schoolnoun USA: sʌ'məː· skuː'l UK: sʌmər skuːl
sunday schoolnoun USA: sʌ'ndiː" skuː'l UK: sʌndɪ skuːl
trade schoolnoun USA: treɪ'd skuː'l UK: treɪd skuːl
ungraded schoolexp UK: ʌngreɪdɪd skuːl
upper schoolexp USA: ʌ'pəː· skuː'l UK: ʌpər skuːl
violin schoolexp USA: vaɪ·ʌ·lɪ'n skuː'l UK: vaɪəlɪn skuːl
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