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steadynoun USA: ste'diː· UK: stediː
steady!exp USA: ste'diː· UK: stediː
steadyv intrans v USA: ste'diː· UK: stediː
steadyv trans v USA: ste'diː· UK: stediː
steady downv intrans v USA: ste'diː· daʊ'n UK: stediː daʊn
steady on!exp USA: ste'diː· ɔ'n UK: stediː ɔn
steady paceexp USA: ste'diː· peɪ's UK: stediː peɪsiː
a steady demandexp USA: eɪ' ste'diː· dɪ"mæ'nd UK: eɪ stediː dɪmɑnd
ready, steady, go!exp USA: re'diː· ste'diː· goʊ' UK: rediː stediː goʊ
a steady handexp USA: eɪ' ste'diː· hæ'nd UK: eɪ stediː hænd
be steady on one's legsexp USA: biː· ste'diː· ɔ'n wʌ'nz le'gz UK: biː stediː ɔn wʌnz legz
go steady with syv USA: goʊ' ste'diː· wʌ·ð saɪ'
steady as a rockundef
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