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swoonnoun USA: swuː'n UK: swuːn
swoonv intrans v USA: swuː'n UK: swuːn
swoonedadj USA: swuː'nd UK: swuːnd
swooningadj USA: swuː'nɪ·ŋ UK: swuːnɪŋ
swooninglyadv UK: swuːnɪŋliː
go off in a swoonv USA: goʊ' ɔː'f ɪ'n eɪ' swuː'n UK: goʊ ɔf ɪn eɪ swuːn
in a state of swoonexp USA: ɪ'n eɪ' steɪ't ʌ·v swuː'n UK: ɪn eɪ steɪt ɔv swuːn
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