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windv trans v USA: wɪ'nd UK: wɪnd
    1. They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.
        1. Aki szelet vet, vihart arat.
    2. To take the wind out of somebody's sails.
        1. Kifogja a szelet a vitorlájából.
    3. Puff/Piss not against the wind.
        1. Széllel szembeszállni nem lehet.
    4. Who spits against the wind, it falls in his face.
        1. Széllel szembeszállni nem lehet.
windbagnoun UK: wɪndbæg
windbreaknoun UK: wɪndbreɪk
windbreakernoun UK: wɪndbreɪkər
windcheaternoun UK: wɪndtʃiːtər
wind downv USA: wɪ'nd daʊ'n UK: wɪnd daʊn
windedadj USA: waɪ'ndʌ·d UK: wɪndɪd
windfallnoun USA: wɪ'ndfɔː"l UK: wɪndfɔːl
wind fit to blow the horns off an oxexp USA: wɪ'nd fɪ't tʌ· bloʊ' ðiː· hɔː'rnz ɔː'f ʌ·n ɔ'ks UK: wɪnd fɪt tuː bloʊ ðiː hɔːnz ɔf ən ɔks
windingnoun USA: waɪ'ndɪ·ŋ UK: wɪndɪŋ
windingsnoun UK: wɪndɪŋz
winding staircaseexp USA: waɪ'ndɪ·ŋ ste'rkeɪ"s UK: wɪndɪŋ steəkeɪs
wind instrumentnoun USA: wɪ'nd ɪ'nstrʌ·mʌ·nt UK: wɪnd ɪnstrʊmənt
windlassnoun USA: wɪ'ndlʌ·s UK: wɪndləs
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