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"hívás fogadás" módosítási javaslata

Készítette: Anonymous, 2019/04/04 - 18:34
Legutóbbi módosítás: 2019/04/04 - 18:34
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    A guest requests to add the word 'hívás fogadás'.


    hívás fogadás nincs

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    qikinuwi képe
    Regisztrált: 2020/04/09

    Anne and I joined Ellie in the kitchen where Jason had prepared some cocktails. They were drying their hair as I grabbed one of the beverages and headed to the living room where Jason was putting a log on the fire. I sat down on one of the couches next to the fire, feeling the contrast to the cold outside. The heat felt great considering we were only wearing towels over our boxers.
    "What a great night," I turned to Jason. We heard the girls in the kitchen talking softly and laughing. "Thank you so much for having us over."

    "Cheers!" He held up his glass, "Fantastic you guys could visit," we clinked glasses and he added, "I think the girls are up to something."

    "It seems the moon and the stars are in alignment tonight," I replied.

    Ellie and Anne joined us; Anne sat next to me and Ellie across from her, each bathed in the warm glow of the fire. Jason, satisfied with the fire, accompanied us. Still in our towels, we had a toast to a wonderful warm night with great friends as we settled in next to the fire. The cocktails were kicking in as we talked and laughed about silly, funny, and ironic things. The girls relaxed and sat back facing the fireplace. Ellie brought her leg onto the couch to better face Jason and Anne turned towards me the same way.

    We were sitting in the same places as before our hot tub break, the only difference was that nothing was hiding the girls' legs and curves; the way they were sitting left their towels open, revealing their inner thighs and underwear. Ellie's red lace panties showed Jason the outlines of her most private anatomy, tightly shrouding her soft strawberry blond hair. Once again, I could see her smiling expression of naughtiness while participating in our light conversation.

    Anne was also smiling and interacting as though nothing was unusual. The fire glinted in her eyes as she sipped her cocktail. I was doing my best to hold eye contact as we talked, not letting my gaze wander to her legs, open and draped by her loose towel. Her sheer white satin lingerie contrasted with her olive skin; the semi-transparent fabric struggled to conceal her soft womanhood and delicate chocolate brown hair, contouring her soft petals and cleft. I was finding it difficult to be gregarious with such a distraction and I thought maybe that was why she was smiling.
    Jason and I were mesmerized by the beauties in front of us and we became speechless. All I could say was, "You ladies look so beautiful tonight."

    Jason agreed, "Breathtaking."

    "Can we take off our towels?" I summoned the courage to ask. Once again, the replies, "Sounds good!", "Sure!" and a "Woo!" filled the room.

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