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collectionnoun USA: kʌ·le'kʃʌ·n UK: kəlekʃn
collection containerexp USA: kʌ·le'kʃʌ·n kʌ·nteɪ'nəː· UK: kəlekʃn kənteɪnər
collection of datanoun USA: kʌ·le'kʃʌ·n ʌ·v dæ'tʌ· UK: kəlekʃn ɔv deɪtə
collection of factsnoun USA: kʌ·le'kʃʌ·n ʌ·v fæ'ks UK: kəlekʃn ɔv fækts
IRS collection agentnoun
IRS collection agentexp
prompt collection (order)exp USA: prɔ'mpt kʌ·le'kʃʌ·n ɔː'rdəː· UK: prɔmpt kəlekʃn ɔːdər
refuse collection vehiclenoun USA: re'fyuː"z kʌ·le'kʃʌ·n viː'ɪ·kʌ·l UK: rɪfjuːz kəlekʃn viːɪkl
collection (at residence)undef
collection of poemsundef
collection of quotationsundef
collection only check [Am.]undef
collection only cheque [Br.]undef
collection principlesundef
art collectionundef
garbage collectionundef
non-circulation collectionundef
non-lending collectionundef
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