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exercisesnoun USA: e'ksəː·saɪ"zʌ·z UK: eksəsaɪzɪz
do exercisesexp USA: duː' e'ksəː·saɪ"zʌ·z UK: duː eksəsaɪzɪz
physical exercisesexp USA: fɪ'zɪ·kʌ·l e'ksəː·saɪ"zʌ·z UK: fɪzɪkl eksəsaɪzɪz
swedish exercisesexp USA: swiː'dɪ"ʃ e'ksəː·saɪ"zʌ·z UK: swiːdɪʃ eksəsaɪzɪz
warm-up exercisesnoun USA: wɔː'rmʌ"p e'ksəː·saɪ"zʌ·z
do the written exercisesexp USA: duː' ðiː· rɪ'tʌ·n e'ksəː·saɪ"zʌ·z UK: duː ðiː rɪtn eksəsaɪzɪz
exercises in styleundef
breathing exercisesundef
finger exercisesundef
floor exercisesundef
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