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farewellnoun USA: fe"rwe'l UK: feəwel
farewell partyexp USA: fe"rwe'l pɔ'rtiː· UK: feəwel pɑtiː
farewell speechexp USA: fe"rwe'l spiː'tʃ UK: feəwel spiːtʃ
say farewellexp USA: seɪ' fe"rwe'l UK: seɪ feəwel
bid farewell to syv USA: bɪ'd fe"rwe'l tʌ· saɪ'
take one's farewell of syv USA: teɪ'k wʌ'nz fe"rwe'l ʌ·v saɪ'
farewell letterundef
farewell partiesundef
farewell partyundef
farewell speechundef
farewell speechesundef
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