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in questionexp USA: ɪ'n kwe'ʃʌ·n UK: ɪn kwestʃən
in questionadj USA: ɪ'n kwe'ʃʌ·n UK: ɪn kwestʃən
call in questionv USA: kɔː'l ɪ'n kwe'ʃʌ·n UK: kɔːl ɪn kwestʃən
come into questionexp USA: kʌ'm ɪ"ntʌ· kwe'ʃʌ·n UK: kʌm ɪntuː kwestʃən
questions are invitedexp USA: kwe'stʃʌ·nz əː· ɪ"nvaɪ'tʌ·d UK: kwestʃənz ɑr ɪnvaɪtɪd
interposed questionundef
In reply to my question he said ...undef
question internationale
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