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whenceadv USA: hwe'ns UK: wens
  1. literary
wheneveradv USA: hwe·ne'vəː· UK: wenevər
when i called she was invisibleexp USA: hwɪ'n aɪ' kɔː'ld ʃiː' wʌ·z ɪ"nvɪ'zʌ·bʌ·l UK: wen aɪ kɔːld ʃiː wɔz ɪnvɪzəbl
when it suits meexp USA: hwɪ'n ʌ·t suː'ts miː' UK: wen ɪt suːts miː
when my boat comes inexp USA: hwɪ'n maɪ' boʊ't kʌ'mz ɪ'n UK: wen maɪ boʊt kʌmz ɪn
when the chips are downexp USA: hwɪ'n ðiː· tʃɪ'ps əː· daʊ'n UK: wen ðiː tʃɪps ɑr daʊn
when the spirit moves meexp USA: hwɪ'n ðiː· spɪ'rʌ·t muː'vz miː' UK: wen ðiː spɪrɪt muːvz miː
except whenexp USA: ɪ·kse'pt hwɪ'n UK: ɪksept wen
say whenexp USA: seɪ' hwɪ'n UK: seɪ wen
since whenexp USA: sɪ'ns hwɪ'n UK: sɪns wen
since when?exp USA: sɪ'ns hwɪ'n UK: sɪns wen
till whenpron USA: tɪ'l hwɪ'n UK: tɪl wen
born / when were you - ?exp USA: bɔː'rn hwɪ'n wəː' yuː' UK: bɔːn wen wəːr juː
time was whenexp USA: taɪ'm wʌ·z hwɪ'n UK: taɪm wɔz wen
there comes a time whenexp USA: ðe'r kʌ'mz eɪ' taɪ'm hwɪ'n UK: ðeər kʌmz eɪ taɪm wen
when all is said and doneundef
When does the train reach London?undef
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