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street accidentexp USA: striː't æ'ksʌ·dʌ·nt UK: striːt æksɪdənt
street arabnoun USA: striː't æ'rʌ·b UK: striːt ærəb
streetcarnoun USA: striː'tkɔ"r UK: striːtkɑr
street-carnoun USA: striː'tkɔ"r UK: striːtkɑr
streetcar stopexp USA: striː'tkɔ"r stɔ'p UK: striːtkɑr stɔp
streetcar tracksnoun USA: striː'tkɔ"r træ'ks UK: striːtkɑr træks
street car (US)noun USA: striː't kɔ'r yuː'e's UK: striːt kɑr ʌz
street criesexp USA: striː't kraɪ'z UK: striːt kraɪz
street crossingnoun USA: striː't krɔː'sɪ·ŋ UK: striːt krɔsɪŋ
street girlnoun USA: striː't gəː'l UK: striːt gəːl
street lampexp USA: striː't læ'mp UK: striːt læmp
street levelnoun USA: striː't le'vʌ·l UK: striːt levl
street lightexp USA: striː't laɪ't UK: striːt laɪt
street linenoun USA: striː't laɪ'n UK: striːt laɪn
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