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The child doesn't want to study

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My child's school doesn't have the best teachers, especially in math, and I think this is the main reason why he doesn't want to and doesn't like to study. I don't understand what to do in such situation.

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Well, I didn't like studying either until I found a comfortable way. Now I study with an English tutor a couple of times a week, and the rest of the time I study educational material like https://promova.com/english-grammar/english-nouns-list on Promova. It helps me to effectively improve my English level without overstressing which is very important.

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The information you provide is extremely useful to me and everyone else; I frequently watch your videos to gain knowledge, then play games in free games

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Now children have many opportunities to gain knowledge, including in maths. If in my childhood there were such platforms as Brighterly with math for kids, I'm sure that I'd know mathematics much better now. It's important to find an experienced teacher who won't only make the learning process effective, but also won't discourage the child from learning. It's possible, so I advise you to consider this option.

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It's quite difficult to instill a love of learning, because this is still not the most pleasant process for many children. Now there are different online platforms. In addition, you can find a good tutor. Maybe consider these options?

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