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onceadv USA: wʌ'ns UK: wʌns
once a dayexp USA: wʌ'ns eɪ' deɪ' UK: wʌns eɪ deɪ
once a monthexp USA: wʌ'ns eɪ' mʌ'nθ UK: wʌns eɪ mʌnθ
once a weekexp USA: wʌ'ns eɪ' wiː'k UK: wʌns eɪ wiːk
once a yearadv USA: wʌ'ns eɪ' yɪ'r UK: wʌns eɪ jəːr
once and for allexp USA: wʌ'ns ʌ·nd frəː· ɔː'l UK: wʌns ənd fəː ɔːl
once bitten twice shyexp USA: wʌ'ns bɪ'tʌ·n twaɪ's ʃaɪ' UK: wʌns bɪtn twaɪs ʃaɪ
once for allexp USA: wʌ'ns frəː· ɔː'l UK: wʌns fəː ɔːl
once in a blue moonexp USA: wʌ'ns ɪ'n eɪ' bluː' muː'n UK: wʌns ɪn eɪ bluː muːn
once in a fortnightexp USA: wʌ'ns ɪ'n eɪ' fɔː'rtnaɪ"t UK: wʌns ɪn eɪ fɔːtnaɪt
once in a lifetimeexp USA: wʌ'ns ɪ'n eɪ' laɪ'ftaɪ"m UK: wʌns ɪn eɪ laɪftaɪm
once in a whileexp USA: wʌ'ns ɪ'n eɪ' hwaɪ'l UK: wʌns ɪn eɪ waɪl
once in two yearsexp USA: wʌ'ns ɪ'n tuː' yəː·z UK: wʌns ɪn tuː jəːz
once / - (it's ready)exp USA: wʌ'ns ʌ·ts re'diː· UK: wʌns ɪts rediː
once / just this - .exp USA: wʌ'ns ʤʌ·st ðʌ·s UK: wʌns ʤʌst ðɪs
once moreexp USA: wʌ'ns mɔː'r UK: wʌns mɔːr
once or twiceexp USA: wʌ'ns əː· twaɪ's UK: wʌns ɔːr twaɪs
once too oftenexp USA: wʌ'ns tuː' ɔː'ftʌ·n UK: wʌns tuː ɔfn
once upon a timeexp USA: wʌ'ns ʌ·pɔ'n eɪ' taɪ'm UK: wʌns əpɔn eɪ taɪm
once you do itexp USA: wʌ'ns yuː' duː' ʌ·t UK: wʌns juː duː ɪt
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