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sea airnoun USA: siː' e'r UK: siː eər
sea / at -exp USA: siː' æ't UK: siː ət
sea bluenoun USA: siː' bluː' UK: siː bluː
sea blueexp USA: siː' bluː' UK: siː bluː
sea breamnoun USA: siː' briː'm UK: siː briːm
sea crayfishnoun USA: siː' kreɪ'fɪ·ʃ UK: siː kreɪfɪʃ
sea crayfishexp USA: siː' kreɪ'fɪ·ʃ UK: siː kreɪfɪʃ
sea cucumbernoun USA: siː' kyuː'kʌ·mbəː· UK: siː kjuːkʌmbər
sea foodexp USA: siː' fuː'd UK: siː fuːd
sea levelnoun USA: siː' le'vʌ·l UK: siː levl
sea lochnoun USA: siː' lɔ'k UK: siː lɔk
sea milenoun USA: siː' maɪ'l UK: siː maɪl
sea peaexp USA: siː' piː' UK: siː piː
sea saltnoun USA: siː' sɔː'lt UK: siː sɔlt
sea sidenoun USA: siː' saɪ'd UK: siː saɪd
sea urchinnoun USA: siː' əː'tʃʌ·n UK: siː əːtʃɪn
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