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floatingadj USA: floʊ'tɪ·ŋ UK: floʊtɪŋ
floating bridgeexp USA: floʊ'tɪ·ŋ brɪ'ʤ UK: floʊtɪŋ brɪʤ
floating capitalexp USA: floʊ'tɪ·ŋ kæ'pʌ·tʌ·l UK: floʊtɪŋ kæpɪtəl
floating chargesexp USA: floʊ'tɪ·ŋ tʃɔ'rʤʌ·z UK: floʊtɪŋ ʃɑʒeɪ
floating debtexp USA: floʊ'tɪ·ŋ de't UK: floʊtɪŋ det
floating dockexp USA: floʊ'tɪ·ŋ dɔ'k UK: floʊtɪŋ dɔk
floating islandnoun USA: floʊ'tɪ·ŋ aɪ'lʌ·nd UK: floʊtɪŋ aɪlənd
floating kidneyexp USA: floʊ'tɪ·ŋ kɪ'dniː· UK: floʊtɪŋ kɪdniː
floating pointexp USA: floʊ'tɪ·ŋ pɔɪ'nt UK: floʊtɪŋ pɔɪnt
floating policynoun USA: floʊ'tɪ·ŋ pɔ'lʌ·siː· UK: floʊtɪŋ pɔləsiː
floating ribnoun USA: floʊ'tɪ·ŋ rɪ'b UK: floʊtɪŋ rɪb
floating bead wireundef
floating capitalundef
floating capitalsundef
floating dockundef
floating fileundef
floating headundef
floating kidneyundef
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