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grapesnoun USA: greɪ'ps UK: greɪps
    1. The grapes are sour.
        1. Savanyú a szőlő.
    2. That's just sour grapes.
        1. Savanyú a szőlő.
grape-shotnoun USA: greɪ'pʃɔ"t UK: greɪpʃɔt
sour grapesexp USA: saʊ'r greɪ'ps UK: saʊər greɪps
bunch of grapesexp USA: bʌ'ntʃ ʌ·v greɪ'ps UK: bʌntʃ ɔv greɪps
cluster of grapesexp USA: klʌ'stəː· ʌ·v greɪ'ps UK: klʌstər ɔv greɪps
a bunch of grapesexp USA: eɪ' bʌ'ntʃ ʌ·v greɪ'ps UK: eɪ bʌntʃ ɔv greɪps
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