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groundv intrans v USA: graʊ'nd UK: graʊnd
groundv trans v USA: graʊ'nd UK: graʊnd
groundadj USA: graʊ'nd UK: graʊnd
ground 1.noun
ground 2.exp
ground clothnoun USA: graʊ'nd klɔː'θ UK: graʊnd klɔθ
ground coatexp USA: graʊ'nd koʊ't UK: graʊnd koʊt
ground crewnoun USA: graʊ'nd kruː' UK: graʊnd kruː
ground floornoun USA: graʊ'nd flɔː'r UK: graʊnd flɔːr
ground glassexp USA: graʊ'nd glæ's UK: graʊnd glɑs
ground plannoun USA: graʊ'nd plæ'n UK: graʊnd plæn
ground sheetnoun USA: graʊ'nd ʃiː't UK: graʊnd ʃiːt
ground water tableexp USA: graʊ'nd wɔː'təː· teɪ'bʌ·l UK: graʊnd wɔːtər teɪbl
groundedadj USA: graʊ'ndʌ·d UK: graʊndɪd
groundernoun UK: graʊndər
groundhognoun USA: graʊ'ndhɔ"g UK: graʊndhɔg
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