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hard bargainexp USA: hɔ'rd bɔ'rgʌ·n UK: hɑd bɑgɪn
hard byexp USA: hɔ'rd baɪ' UK: hɑd baɪ
hard cashnoun USA: hɔ'rd kæ'ʃ UK: hɑd kæʃ
hard chancreexp UK: hɑd ʃæŋkə
hard cheese!exp USA: hɔ'rd tʃiː'z UK: hɑd tʃiːz
hard ciderexp USA: hɔ'rd saɪ'dəː· UK: hɑd saɪdər
hard copynoun USA: hɔ'rd kɔ'piː· UK: hɑd kɔpiː
hard courtexp USA: hɔ'rd kɔː'rt UK: hɑd kɔːt
hard cover bookexp USA: hɔ'rd kʌ'vəː· bʊ'k UK: hɑd kʌvər bʊk
hard currencyexp USA: hɔ'rd kəː'ʌ·nsiː· UK: hɑd kʌrənsiː
hard disknoun USA: hɔ'rd dɪ'sk UK: hɑd dɪsk
hard disk portsexp USA: hɔ'rd dɪ'sk pɔː'rts UK: hɑd dɪsk pɔːts
hard drinkexp USA: hɔ'rd drɪ'ŋk UK: hɑd drɪŋk
hard drinkernoun USA: hɔ'rd drɪ'ŋkəː· UK: hɑd drɪŋkər
hard drinksnoun USA: hɔ'rd drɪ'ŋks UK: hɑd drɪŋks
hard drugsexp USA: hɔ'rd drʌ'gz UK: hɑd drʌgz
hard earnedexp USA: hɔ'rd əː'nd UK: hɑd əːnd
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