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make upv intrans v USA: meɪ'k ʌ'p UK: meɪk ʌp
  1. print
make up a bedexp USA: meɪ'k ʌ'p eɪ' be'd UK: meɪk ʌp eɪ bed
make up a quarrelexp USA: meɪ'k ʌ'p eɪ' kwɔː'rʌ·l UK: meɪk ʌp eɪ kwɔrəl
make up forv USA: meɪ'k ʌ'p frəː· UK: meɪk ʌp fəː
make up for sthexp
make up leewayexp USA: meɪ'k ʌ'p liː'weɪ" UK: meɪk ʌp liːweɪ
make up on syv USA: meɪ'k ʌ'p ɔ'n saɪ'
make up one's mindv USA: meɪ'k ʌ'p wʌ'nz maɪ'nd UK: meɪk ʌp wʌnz maɪnd
make up the fireexp USA: meɪ'k ʌ'p ðiː· faɪ'r UK: meɪk ʌp ðiː faɪər
make up the firev USA: meɪ'k ʌ'p ðiː· faɪ'r UK: meɪk ʌp ðiː faɪər
make up / they - a word.exp USA: meɪ'k ʌ'p ðeɪ' eɪ' wəː'd UK: meɪk ʌp ðeɪ eɪ wəːd
make up to syv USA: meɪ'k ʌ'p tʌ· saɪ'
make up your mindexp USA: meɪ'k ʌ'p yʊ'r maɪ'nd UK: meɪk ʌp jɔːr maɪnd
make sy sit upv USA: meɪ'k saɪ' sɪ't ʌ'p
make sb upsetexp
upset / make sb -exp
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